Ford Uses 1.2 Million Recycled Plastic Bottles to Make F-Series Trucks

2019 Ford F-350 Super Duty Exterior | Tacoma, WA

Ford is working to make driving more sustainable, offering eco-friendly designs, fuel-sipping powertrains, and even recycling programs. In fact, the Ford company uses 1.2 million recycled plastic bottles every year for vehicle components, which is just one more way the brand is aiming to go green.

According to The News Wheel, Ford recycles plastic water bottles mainly for the underbody shields that protect vehicle components and line the wheels of F-Series trucks. About 250 water bottles are needed for each truck. The plastic is melted down and remolded to fit tightly under your truck. The Ford company also uses recycles plastics to make cloth seating materials.

“The underbody shield is a large part, and for a part that big, if we use solid plastic, it would likely weigh three times as much,” said Thomas Sweder, design engineer, Ford Motor Company. “We look for the most durable and highest performing materials to work with to make our parts, and in this case, we are also creating many environmental benefits.”

Ford is also working with companies like Jose Cuervo to make bioplastic from agave fibers — a seemingly unlikely team. However, because Cuervo needs agave to make tequila, Ford is engineering new ways to use the leftovers — the hard, fibrous bodies of the plants — to make plastic. These are just some of the exciting things the Ford brand is working on.

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