Ford Helps Develop a New Parking Space Guidance Technology System

2020 Ford Explorer | Tacoma, WA

If you’ve ever lived in a big city, then you know just how difficult it can be to find an open parking space. Indeed, many city drivers spend an inordinate amount of time tracking down the perfect parking space or making the rounds from block to block until one opens up. Ford is ready to assist drivers with this unique problem. Thus, the car company has developed a Parking Space Guidance Technology system to address this issue.

As the name suggests, this new technology directs drivers toward open parking spaces in the nearby vicinity. The system uses data that is acquired directly from parking lots, so it should always be accurate.

“When vehicles can exchange data with infrastructure in real-time, traffic will become more intelligent, searching for a parking space will become less stressful and people will get to their destination more quickly,” said Michael Reinartz, Head of Innovation for Vodafone.

This technology is the latest development to arise from the Kooperative Mobilitat im digitalen Testfeld Dusseldorf program or KoMoD for short. Previous collaborations between Ford and Vodafone have resulted in KoMoD developments like the Traffic Light Assistance System and an eCall Plus system.

We here at Titus-Will Ford would certainly appreciate a technology like this to cut down on the time spent trying to find the ideal parking space. Speaking of parking spaces… If you’re in need of a new vehicle to park on your driveway — when you’re not driving it around town, of course — stop by Titus-Will Ford to test-drive a shiny new 2019 Ford model.

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